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Our Green Initiatives


Locally Based

We are proud to be a Canadian based company. As a consumer you are able to reduce the miles and emissions from automation through buying locally.

Water Use

All plants need water and nutrients to grow.  In order to ensure the need for these two essential elements in growing, rainwater is collected from the roof of the greenhouse and directed into two ponds on the property. The precise amount of nutrients are added to the water before the plants are irrigated, thus producing top quality flowers that will perform well for our customers.   As the plants take up the water and nutrients given on a daily basis, a percentage of this water is drained through the pots.  This water is not wasted; rather it is collected into storage tanks where it is filtered, treated, and disinfected.  The drain water can then be repeatedly cycled through the greenhouse, minimizing the overall use of water and fertilizer. Our plants are placed in a structure that ensures full collection of drain water and maximizes the recycling process of the nutrients.


Biological Control

Not only are people attracted to plants; pests that may feed on the plants can reach a certain threshold where some form of control is needed.  In recent years great strides have been made in Integrated Pest Management that have allowed us to control these pests in an environmentally friendly way. Through close interaction with biological control companies, we are able to manage these pests by using predatory mites and insects.  This method is not only preferred by us as growers but also by our plants.  Using biological agents is softer on the plant and allows it to recover faster and grow easier. Hence, when the use of chemistry becomes necessary this is used only in small measure, and only in the infected area.  To further minimize the use of chemistry our team is on constant alert for any sign of pest presence, so that we can quickly act and minimize any plant damage. 

Heat Storage

We want flowers to be enjoyed year round.  This requires the use of heat in the colder months.  We reuse heat that has gone into the greenhouse rather than releasing it into the air. by storing it in our heat storage tank. This helps us lower the amount of heat we have to produce.



Pails are an essential part of our business. Our pails are provided by the Ontario Flower Growers Cooperative and are used by growers all over Ontario for shipping  flower product. After our customers have received their product they will ship the pails back to us so we can reuse them over and over again. 

Our pails, boxes, and packaging material are all fully recyclable.

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